LED Lights

At LED Cool Lights®, we research, design and develop LED lighting solutions for the exhibit/trade-show industry, residential and commercial applications. LED Cool Lights® provides a variety of LED lighting solutions - specifically the "LED Cool Light®", "LED Cool Bulbs®", LED surface mounting devices (SMD), backlighting for custom built kiosks, LED COOL Adhesive Rolls, Stage and RGB Lighting and Retail Case Lighting. We have the SUPER BRIGHT LED Graphic LIGHT Panels, as thin as 4mm.

"If you are looking for the single solution that makes your current project stand out from all others, use LED Cool Lights®. We specialize in custom made solutions, for any project and always on time.

LED Cool Lights® is based in Dallas, Texas. We have a professional design team and also have the ability to pre-cut your LED Strips or customize your orders.

Please take a moment to review our primary LED products. Make your request for a quote. If you do not see the LED product or solution you are looking for, please let us know. Our LED COOL LIGHTS®, Design and Engineering Group are adding the latest LED technology every week. We currently have over 250 products, and also provide custom solutions.

LED COOL LIGHTS, LLC established in 2005, is the leading custom LED Lighting Provider with over three-hundred repeat customers, in the United Sates and twenty-two countries around the world.

The LED lamp--an ultra-compact light source using a semiconductor chip that is up to 75-80% more efficient than incandescent and lasts 25 times longer.

LED COOL LIGHTS® are the inventors of the LED Trade Show Display Light/ Arm Light (February 2006). Buy quality and buy the original LED COOL LIGHTS® Trade Show Display Light. The LEDC-135M. We conducted a thermal heat test to compare the LED Cool Light® to conventional halogen lights used in the trade show industry. Save 12-15 times the energy using any of the LED COOL LIGHTS® products.



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