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LED Cool Lights, Series 80 wall washer, is 39 inch length, a RGB+W (Red, Green, Blue + WHITE), ideal for commercial and residential use.  Also available in 20 inches and 11inches, this RGB+W LED wall washer is outdoor rated IP65 and uses IP68 waterproof connectors. This wall washer uses 1 Watt High Power LED, includes a wall plug for easy installation and can work Independent, using a Wifi System, or in DMX mode, which can generate various color changing effects such as flashing, fading, static colors, seven color jumping, and is dimmable. In DMX Mode, this light can generate thousands of effects and colors.
This lights ideal uses are wall washing for commercial and residential buildings and to create attraction in trade show environments.





    160 Watt - 39" Length

    RGBW 4in1 LED 


*Available in AC 100-277V or 277V 


39" - Rgb+W Series V - Linear LED WALL WASHER

White, RGB: RGB
    • Size: (L)  1000 x (W) 85 x 111.5mm (H) 
    • DMX512 Control System
    • Beam Angle: 15/25/38/50/60
    • Distance: 6 Meters to 25 Meters
    • LED Source: 2W RGBW LED, 4into1 
    • Voltage: 100V-277V AC or 277V only
    • Rating: IP65
    • IP68 Connectors
    • Fuction: 7 Static Colors, Seven Color Change/Fade/Strobe
    • Dimming Fuction
    • Independent Mode
    • Master/Slave Mode
    • DMX Mode
    • Rotary Angle: 90 Degree
    • Also available in single colors
    • Extruded AI 6063